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sequencer 6.2



Sequencer 6.2 © is an electronic module for Show Control and Animatronics, simple to install and use.
The device is dedicated to the management and synchronization of audio, activation of movements and light effects both for animatronics and for scenes in general.
Sequencer 6.2 © controls eight open collector outputs capable of driving low power external devices and 4 inputs to receive signals from many sensors connected to them while playing an audio track.

Sequencer completes the equipment for the animation of a character: after having programmed the animation with AnimatriX and perfected its advanced functions, Sequencer will play the animation without the need of PC and AnimatriX, with a considerable saving of costs and resources.

It is equipped with a removable memory card (CF) that offers maximum flexibility of use: once the files are inserted through the USB connector it is able to play all the files present, according to the defined programming.

Its wide configuration possibilities allow you to create captivating scenic creations: all the characters and scenographic objects with synchronized movement you see on the site have been animated with Sequencer.

Main features:

  • CF up to 2 GB;

  • RS232 and RS485 serial output;

  • Playback of MP3 songs (MPEG-1 layer 3 up to 320KBPS 48KHz;

  • Single-key playback or 64-key playback for 64 tracks.

  • USB connection



Expander increases the exceptional features of the Sequencer.
Through a RS485 serial connection the device connects to the Sequencer and expands its functionality.

Expansion functions:

  • 16 outputs

  • 20 inputs

Features Expander connected to the Sequencer:

  • 24 inputs

  • 24 exits


With Expander you can check and order a great show

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