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sound machine 100

The AnimatriX electronic firing system can be installed on any type of ride allowing to increase the involvement of the public who is stimulated to score ever higher scores.

It can also be used on older rides allowing for an upgrade and revamp of attractions that would otherwise have little appeal to visitors.

The installation and operation are completely independent from the ride which is not altered in any of its original functionality.

The system consists of:
• Targets - LED effects and movements
• Pistols - customized infrared
• Console - themed with 2 color screens
• Monitor - real-time ranking
• Power supply - autonomous

By hitting the targets with the infrared guns, the audio effects, movement, water sprays, etc. connected to them are activated.

The target lights up with RGB LED light effects to indicate that the target has been hit and the score is accumulated on the console display supplied with the cars.


The infrared guns are customized and themed to make the shooting experience more engaging.

They are connected to the console of each car.

The consoles positioned on each car have 2 displays for viewing the score of each individual pistol, points counting system, connection of the infrared pistols, integrated audio.

One or more monitors positioned at the finish line indicate the ranking of the scores acquired by each individual car.

The "on track" or ready-to-go cars are highlighted in the montors.


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