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Eng. Giampiero Di Simone




Ing. Giampiero Di Simone, graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1999 (old system) at the University of Pisa, has gained experience in electronic engineering and mechatronics, particularly in autonomous robots.

From 1993 to 2004 he participated with his microrobot development team in connection with the S. Anna Graduate School in Pisa.

He develops his skills in the production sector, at the R.P. Elettronica, founded DSM (industrial automation and software) and played the role of Technical Director of Nes srl of Pisa.

He has currently developed the versions of the Sequencer electronic card used since 2003, handling and control systems for movements, audio and effects, electronic shooting systems for dark rides and shooting galleries.

In 2004 Giampiero began collaborating with Flora Lunardi who came from the entertainment industry, having worked for25 years in Gardaland as an artist.He has performed shows since 1975: from the idea of ​​production to production, scenographic, choreographic andinterpretation.

Since 1998 he has worked for other major Italian parks such as Mirabilandia and Minitalia Leolandia, this one experience has enabled her to acquire the skills needed to design and design products dedicated to Parks themes and the general public.


His artistic vision is always in development, coupled with the skills and deep knowledge of the industry electronic / computer technology of the Eng. Di Simone they have been able to develop state-of-the-art products in the enterteinment industry.

Flora Lunardi
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